The Chaos Around

by stand your ground

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"... gerade wegen der fehlenden Dicke-Hose-Poserei ein sehr angenehmes Album." OX #108 Andreas Kuhlmann (7)

"... die leicht metallischen Klampfen werden immer von Uptempo-Drumming gepusht, man gönnt dem Hörer selten eine Pause und so ballern die Songs ganz schön." (8)

"Fans der oben genannten Bands ( First Blood, THROWDOWN) müssen hier einfach ein Ohr riskieren, da die Qualität der Songs stimmt und man heutzutage eher selten noch Bands zu hören bekommt, die diese Art von Hardcore so gekonnt spielen." Gunther

"... präsentieren sich zumeist temporeich und drückend, wobei Drucklevel und Abwechslungswert gut aufeinander abgestimmt sind und so ein - in seinen Genre-Grenzen - variables Album entsteht." (6)


released June 28, 2013



all rights reserved


stand your ground Berlin, Germany

always antifascist .

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Track Name: Remember
remember the old days
boys on the streets
we had nothing to lose
one foot in a grave
trapped in a maze
set us free
was the way we choose

i remember everything

look me in the eye
hear the word that i spread
remember good times
and the blood we shed
but don´t get sad
we can´t change the past
wanna crush these walls
but they are built to last

straight looking forward

one thing remain
it´s more than a empty word
stand your way
i know it hurts
no looking back
the things are said and done
stick together
till the fear is gone

we are what we are
forever true
whatever it takes
i count on you
Track Name: Scum Life
scum life of a broken mind
neck deep in dirt and lies
you don´t get it you never will
your dream, a fucking nightmare

what the fuck are you thinking
wasting all your time
what are you living for?
just swallow it down
don´t criticize

with every breath
with every moment
the world is getting colder
you don´t grow up and questioning
you just getting older

scum life of a broken mind
neck deep in dirt and lies
you don´t get it you never will
your dream, a fucking nightmare

years ago when you were young
got a powerful mind and your will was strong
you´ve been shown respect
enemies were going home
your ideals were written in stone
it´s just a matter of time
course you going to be nothing
never try to think for yourself
you have never tried to be something

Don´t speak my name
you are nothing
your world is going down with you
Track Name: Time For Action
time for action!

nowhere to turn grind down the grit
life´s a fucking cunt with a ripped off clit
a pool of hate and full of shit
sick of surrounding so sick of it

just look around you see no real strength
past and future run through hands
but we waste our choice every fucking day
amageddon comes it´s time to pay

time is now to make a change

time for action so let´s go
care about tomorrow like how we do
if you wanna change don´t be shy and move
what will you do when push comes to shove?

every da the same old shit
we know it´s wrong so it´s time to change it
no way out one last solution
sing a song for the revolution
Track Name: Allein
Sag nicht dass du nicht siehst
sag nicht dass du nicht verstehst
jeder hier lebt so wahllos daher
wartet auf ein zeichen doch da kommt nichts mehr

nobody moves nobody get´s hurt
ich hab es oft gesagt doch keinen hat es gestört
die masse stellt das denken ein
ich frage mich bin ich denn wirklich allein?

immer wieder das spiel mit der angst
man hält dich klein sagt dass du nichts kannst
egal was man tut das wort ist nichts mehr wert
und wenn man was tut wird man weggesperrt

ich will frei sein ohne ängste leben
ich bin bereit alles zu geben
den anfang gemacht keinen blick mehr zurück
suche auf freien wegen mein neues glück

ich bin bereit alles zu geben
wir sind nicht allein
wir werden millionen sein
Track Name: We Rape Your Scene
we set the new standard
what you see is what you get
doing it the ruff way
harder than battlecat
the fire still burns
you are surrounded by the heat
but don´t try to feel it
´cause you have no fucking heartbeat

just look around (be honest)
and tell what you see
it´s not importan who you are
just what you try to be
no remorse for your scene today
we know where we came from
one life to live one heart to give
that´s it, prove us wrong

this is who we are
we cross the line again
straight from the heart
no fashion no fame
thats heart, blood the place i belong
i close my eyes and ask myself
what went wrong?

something went fucking wrong

never needed someone like you
i´m fucking untouchable
just a fake without attitude
i´m fucking untouchable

now is my time to turn the tide
i leave you behind ´cause you´re not my kind
you don´t know it means
you don´t know what i´ve seen
honeymoon is over we rape your scene
Track Name: I Think So
did you ever think about the things you did in the past
all the shit comnes around but sometimes too fast
look forward choose your destiny
is it what you wanted to be?

i don´t think so

don´t give a fuck about what they say
you have the inner strength to push them away
raise your head it´s your time to shine
you´re not born under a bad sign

just open your eyes
you stand in the dark
but you can see the light
it´s shining bright
step out of the night
it´s your time to rise
you´ll never catch your dreams
never become what you wanted to be
you´ll be trapped in the dark
just watching others live their life

open your eyes
you got true friends by your side
remember your enemies
they will never hide
they want forgive you the mistakes you made
they are just a fucking fake
the choice is yours to take

you are not the only one
who is lost in the world
not alone on the way
with no place to turn
today is not how it shall be
grap the devils by the horns
it´s your destiny
Track Name: My Life
this is fucking payback
you shitty buthead
you try to teach me
to live my life in your way
you thin you´re right
come what ever may
telling stories
but you don´t know your words
in your mind my life is fucking worse

this is my life
you can´t see the world through my eyes
this is my life
my life is your demise

i live life by my rules
and seize my day
i will never ever let this go away
you don´t know a fucking thing about me
never bow down it´s my time to stay

the chaos aorund no place to hide
no matter whats in my way i stay the night
try to bring me down but i stand tall
i resist your fucking lies and crush through it all

don´t cross my way
get the fuck out of my way
Track Name: Said And Done
i see your face in a magazine
i see your face on tv
you talk and talk and talk again
your words come so easily
the bigger the lie
the more people believe
thought control
is the end of humanity

your ideals are not for me
fuck everything that you try to be

talk this talk that
true lies no regret

you bring trouble and pain
to my brothers and me
you spread the lie
and the masses believe
emptyness in my mind
all trust is gone
the end is near
when everything is
Track Name: Flawless Victory
this is gameover
pay for your sins
this fight you will never win
listen this is my stomping ground
and i´m here to count you out

so many times
i´ve tried to explain
how i think about this
everything has changed
between you and me
message had failed
you don´t listen
just take the risk
you hit the ground
my flawless victory
you choose the wrong way
nothing more to say
this is game over
pay for your sins
this fight you will never win
this is my stomping ground
and i´m here to count you out

you play tough all day long
but you´re a joke acting like a clown
noone will ever take you serious
you are a bad joke
not worth a fucking punchline

you ask for it
you bag for it
this is the reaction
so live with it

step away there is only one guarantee
i knock you out flawless victory
the time for regrets has long past by
you are enemy i fight you with my style

i´ve tried to explain
you never paid attention to me
i´m still here
Track Name: Tribute
listen to my voice
hear what i say
this time
means the world to me

real friends are friends forever
a true bound of brothers and sisters
true lovewill never break
a real balance of "give and take"

you fucking cunt talk family
you peace of shit have nothing to give
always talking bout brotherhood
but the only thing you know
is your greater good

this i a tribute to our loved ones
to our friends and families
this a tribute to our loved ones
i will be there for you
you will be there for me